An Updated Version of “OS Airlines”

Posted February 24, 2007 by virtualball
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While doing my daily Digging, I found a story about if OS’ were airlines.  While funny, it was a little out dated (I think Mac OS 9 days) so I decided to update it.

 Windows XP:  Bright and colorful plane, it actually holds many many people.  Once in flight, there seems to be many terrorstits high-jacking the plane though.  When you try to suggest it somebody, they say, “Yeah, I know, aren’t you special?”

Mac OS X:  Simple planes that come in a variety of themes.  You’ll notice that the milky-white seats are a different color then the brushed metal plane, but yeah know, what ever.  When you get off the flight, you either really liked it or just downright hated it, but either way, you look like a smug “hipster” after flying with it.

Linux:  Comes in many different flavors and colors.  If you try it, you’d like it, but then again, who really tries it, right?  In every flavor, you need to bring your own in flight movie, but thats much better then years ago when you had to bring a seat (;))  Though the hardships of purchasing a DVD, you like it, but when you tell a friend they say “What’s Linux Airways?  Is that when you have to type commands to make it fly?”


Some Google and MySpace Fun!

Posted February 24, 2007 by virtualball
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So, I was bored today and waiting to do something in the next 2 hours so I decided to open up Google and do a little fun with MySpace. 

First, I typed “” and it returned 19.6 million results (roughly).  So that means that there are roughlt 19.5 million people on myspace, obviously subtracting a few for Myspace’s technical support, featured pages, home pages, music pages and more.

So after this, I typed “ “emo“” and apparently 406,000 people have the word “emo” in there profile, haha.  Next up is the band “My Chemical Romance” which, suprisingly, only returned a small 387,000 people.  Disapointing.  So I thought, “What band do 14 year old blonde/emo girls like” and like a sign from God, a Jamster commercial played “Here, In Your Arms” by Hellogoodbye 🙂  So I searched and an astounding 2.35 million. 

Here are some other searches:

  • Pain: 387,000
  • Emotional: 388,000
  • iPhone: 2,750,000 (Hold up, iPhone is mentioned more then emo!?”
  • Dashboard Confessional: 4.84 million
  • Windows Vista:  2,700
  • Mac and Leopard: 37,000
  • antidisestablishmentariasm: 2 (WOW!)

So there ya have it folks, some nice MySpace fun, and noone got hurt 🙂  Remember that this uses google so it isn’t 100 percent accurate and such, but it is just fun 🙂

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Ok, Well I’m Developing My iPhone App

Posted February 20, 2007 by virtualball
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I’ve decided to move along with the iPhone app I was making.  It now sends emails, takes notes, browse the internet, turn 90 degrees and more.  Soon I hope to install the ability to read the iPhoto XML file (tougher then I thought (Help would be appreciated!!!)) and read from the iTunes database. 

My only worry right now is getting sued by Apple, but I really don’t want that so if Apple could politely send me an email to I would more then gladly shut down this project!  It is just something a high schooler is doing in his spare time.

And, as with all my apps, iPhoney will be free of course.  I don’t believe in making software for money.

Without further ado, here are screen shots:

Alpha Internet support:…cture23eb3.jpg
Normal Window (before I made it have the buttons)…icture1fk0.jpg
When you spin it:…icture2jb7.jpg

(iPhone is a trademark/copyrighted/whatever else by Apple Inc., I’m not related to them at all.)

Well, I just Got my Joost for Mac Invite Today!

Posted February 19, 2007 by virtualball
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I just got my invite today and I have to say, it is awsome, especially for a beta! I just want to take time right now to review it (not indepth). When I first opened it, I was actually amazed, it looked stunning! For a beta, it could pass for a project that was already three years coming. You are greeted by a startup-email-screen. Once you entered your email, you go into full screen Joost mode where it connects to it’s servers and sees if you have a valid email. Once it says you do, it asks for your password and the same thing happens. Enter it correctly, and voila, you’re in!

So once you’re in, you are greated with a nice loading screen which looks like spinning crystals. It looks very nice and professionaly done. So once you look around and notice that there are four main things on the screen; “My Channels,” “My Joost,” the controls, and a semi circle on top of the screen used for channel titles. As I go thru the menus and such, I have noted the good and bad of Joost.

Very nice looking
Good quality
Nice widgets
Nice Extras

Sort of Slow (Though I only have 512 MB RAM)
Not that much channels
Crashes when quits

All in all, I really like Joost!

Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

I’m Working on An iPhone App, But I don’t know What to Do With It :)

Posted February 19, 2007 by virtualball
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I’m working on another app (Brasmi is done) and it is an iPhone app, but I don’t know what to do with it. It turns 90 degrees and stuff, but what should I do with it? I was thinking an App Launcher in the form of an iPhone but thats kinda stupid, I guess. Any ideas?

I’m Working On A New App; Brasmi

Posted February 18, 2007 by virtualball
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I was bored the other day (while watching Heroes 🙂 ) and I decided, what the hell, I’ll make a new app! So I decided I’ll make a (free) iPod Video converter. I know, I know, “But theres like 9023909321 iPod Video converters!!” But mine is in a nice Mac “unified,” theme! And it is also free, where a lot of other are shareware or donationware, like iSquint. Don’t get me wrong, I use iSquint, and I love it! (On a side note, why are you annoying the fuck out of us with the “Why use iSquint?” pop-ups!?) But I just got bored and here it is. I hope at least one person will use it when it is finished 🙂 It is based off of ffmpeg, so expect A LOT of formats to be acceptable

It’s not done yet and here is an alpha screenshot:

Hey, We Just Set Up Our Blog!

Posted February 17, 2007 by virtualball
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Welcome to the Insanely Me Blog!  We here at Insanely Me have started rebuilding the site so this will be the first post in the Blog.  More to come!